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Went to the Kinokuniya flagship store at Ngee Ann. Found that it has reduced its floor area, without reducing the bookshelves. The new layout is crammed and uncomfortable. The aisles between shelves are very narrow. It gave me a claustrophobic feeling and I just wanted to get out of the store after spending half an hour in it, which is unusual. I used to spend entire afternoons at the store.

I noticed that the number of shoppers are few and from my eyeball observation, no one has gone to the payment counter for long stretches of time.

Another disturbing thing: A shopper beside me took out his phone to take a photo of a book cover. He whispered to his friend that he should be able to find it on Amazon..

I bought a few books. My membership was expiring in a week, but the counter staff didn't ask me if I wanted to renew. I was a little surprised because Kino used to be pretty aggressive with asking customers to renew.

I feel that Kino has seen better days. I'm not so sure how long it's going to last. Anyone has the same feeling? It's the only decent book seller in Singapore. If it folds, we're really a book desert.
I agree. I too am not comfortable with the new layout.

There was a couple of occasions where I need the staff's assistance to direct me to the main entrance. The passage way seems convoluted.
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