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Thumbs up Esperia Vanduul Glaive Graphite (Pencil) Drawing on Paper

UPDATE: It's now one of the top posts trending on Reddit! Glaive Drawing on Reddit

Please help to upvote and show your support of her drawing on the Official Star Citizen Community Spotlight as well.

Hi everyone! This is a pencil rendering of the Glaive by Marceline aka Pegs from EDGE. Hope you like it.

She used a combination of a lightbox and freehand pencil drawing to achieve this look. Pencil range 6B to 4H.

Drawing based on in-game screenshot of Vanduul Glaive, courtesy of Witcher.

Completed drawing with in-game screenshot of Vanduul Glaive courtesy of Witcher.

Star Citizen Logo

Close up of the Glaive body

Title font with sci-fi theme

Manufacturer font with sci-fi theme

Art Work Label

Finished piece

Montage of progress

It's also featured in the Star Citizen website under Community Spotlight Fan Art Esperia Vanduul Glaive Graphite (Pencil) Drawing on Paper

Please feel free to show your support of our local talent by upvotes if you already have a Star Citizen account. Thank you.
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