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Hi folks,

I am writing from the UK. My in-laws have just bought a new BTO flat in Woodlands. They picked up the keys a couple of months back. I will be travelling to SG next month to stay with them. I have bought them a TV as a gift. The TV I've bought is a Hisense LHD32D50TUK. See:
This a UK model. I've looked through the setup in the TV, testing it out before I take it to SG. With regards to DVB-T2 tuning, there's no option for Singapore. Several European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Arab...but no Singapore.

The result is that when I try to tune the DVT channels, the required frequency is not there. E.G., Ch5HD is 599.250 MHz (I believe, according to Wikipedia). This is equal to 599250 kHz. The countries I select for tuning have differing increments, but none of them hit the spot for 599250 kHz. It's either slightly above or slightly below.

What should I do? In the absence of Singapore being listed in the TV's settings, is there another country I could select which has the same tuning increments as Singapore? As yet, I haven't tried them all. There are a lot.

Or should I return this TV and change it for one that either has Singapore listed in the tuning settings or allows me to select any tuning increments?

The second part of my question: do I need to buy a DVT indoor aerial, or is a new-build HDB flat likely to have a suitable aerial socket already there?

Any help appreciated!
Frequency allocations for UK and SG are the same, therefore these are the channels that u can try to manually tune: Ch 29 (538MHz), Ch 31 (554MHz) & Ch 33 (570MHz) on the digital tuner. Only difference that I can think of is the DVB-T2 standard that both countries are using.

Not sure if this TV support DVB-T2 v1.3.1; the standard used in SG. UK's Freeview is using DVB-T2 v1.2.1 standard (older standard as they launched their DVB-T2 transmission earlier).
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