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Any one can advise?

i was excused UL perm and had been skipping chin ups for past IPPTs
With the new IPPT, it's push ups instead
I tried to look for my medical history under but can't find it.
Anyone can advise? or those with perm excuse UL would your be excused push up automatically?

And what would be the passing if I am excused pushups.
I know for all 3 stations it's >=51 but how about just taking 2 stations?
Is it 2/3 x 51?

Excused UL does not automatically equate to excuse push-ups, but yes it's very likely. You can verify this by checking NS.SG, eMedInfo. It should state your excuse status.

When you in-pro for IPPT, the counter guy will tell you as well.

The passing mark is 39 points.

(75/2 + 1, round up)
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