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Yes it's supposed to be supported at all PayWave terminals.

Interestingly however, Xing Wang HK cafe (which has a PayWave terminal) specifically said that they do not accept Samsung Pay. If I understood the cashier correctly, they have not implemented something at the back end which prevents them from processing payments even though the transaction would go through at the PayWave terminal in the cafe. The cashier sounded as if she had been briefed, not one of those blur ones.

First time I'm hearing this. Wonder whether their Finance Department is being lazy and 'smoking' them, or whether it really is true...
you got smoked lor. this kind of tactic i also used before when i was a cashier... some more they have contactless payment reader, don't take samsung pay is a blatant smoke bomb.

dont wanna go into the technicality of it, but basically its something to do with book keeping. if their finance kns then it will alway be kns..

as long as you make the payment and its successful, u don't have to care how the business is being run right? i mean, sometimes as cashier, due to certain constraints, we impose the inconvenience on the customer side, making them to take responsibility but to no choice.

thats why before i go in and eat, i will say "today i don't have wallet, i'll only make payment through samsung pay (or contactless payment), if they accept, then ok. if not, i will walk out. usually those no people restaurants will die die take you in, if the restaurant got a long queue outside, then unlikely they will stop you from leaving
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