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Is your home optimised to provide quality WiFi connection?

We understand the importance of good WiFi coverage at home. Thatís why we strive to provide top quality wireless routers with efficient WiFi capabilities. However, due to the constraints of WiFi technology, you may not have sufficient coverage if your house is large or if the layout of your house is unfavourable to WiFi signal transmission.

Your router should be placed in a central location to maximise coverage.

4-5 room or bigger flats

You may experience weak WiFi signal at some locations. This is because WiFi signal weakens over distance and when passing through thick structures like walls. WiFi coverage may be further weakened if the layout of your house is L or I-shaped, where certain rooms are located far away from the router and blocked by long corridors or multiple walls. We highly recommend our WiFi solutions to ensure good connectivity in your home, especially our WiFi mesh.

Has anyone tried our Singtel WiFi mesh? Share your experience with us!
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