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New artcool Platinum sys3, FCs 12k + 9k + 24k with CU A4UQ26GFA2 (5Ticks)

about $3.7k with $200 choice voucher before all the top ups for GS extended warranty and piping/insulation upgrade.

It was really a last min switch from 2ticks Starmex to 5ticks LG, one day before the scheduled installation. Cuz suay suay our less than 3yo MBR single split starmex broke down 3 days before the arrival of new system 3 for 2 common rooms and living room. Had a family discussion and wifey doesn't trust starmex no more. Texted my GC sales guy and surprisingly he still entertained us even after we have made full payment top notch service provided by Eric from marina sq branch (am in now way related to him, but really need to praise him for the service he provided).

Wifey did a detailed price comparison, factoring in the cost of 5yr extended warranty (covering parts and labor and transport) from GC and annual power consumption and assuming the new sys3 will serve us for next 5 years before next aircon sys change, operating cost for 5 years + equipment cost for the annyeong LG is still lower than the sawadee Starmex.

Specs on LG website for the CU is at 29.6k btu, but NEA tested result is around 22k btu. I believe NEA's result is closer to reality cuz it takes more than an hr to cool down my living room (around 50sqm) to 26degC.

GC's pricing is in general on the higher side but what attracts me is the 5 years all covered EW although you need to top up for the EW but hey one faulty PCB(and you have multiple fancoils) is enough to wipe out all the savings if you go with companies that can offer you 2-300 dollars cheaper but without extended warranty options. This is just my humble opinion.

Using a starmex inverter which failed me in less than 3 years so, don't know which brand i can trust now. lol. (only trust the warranty now hahahaha)
The real power uncapped @3 ticks is 29.6k. the loss power is because it was capped to obtained the 5 ticks.

anyway my sis also got a 24k btu starmex for her living room. also took forever to cool it down. the 5 ticks compressor has no power cross all brand is what i was told.

i like to ask how much is the extended warranty because i may get it if it is not expensive. less than 250 i will get it. because two trips (touched wood) already earn back liao.
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