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The real power uncapped @3 ticks is 29.6k. the loss power is because it was capped to obtained the 5 ticks.

anyway my sis also got a 24k btu starmex for her living room. also took forever to cool it down. the 5 ticks compressor has no power cross all brand is what i was told.

i like to ask how much is the extended warranty because i may get it if it is not expensive. less than 250 i will get it. because two trips (touched wood) already earn back liao.
EW not cheap and also depends on brand. The CU I have can hook up to 4 fancoils although I only have 3. EW of this LG is 499.

The starmex sys 3 ( Max 3 fancoils) 2 ticks which I initially ordered, the EW is 439.
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