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the two guys from GC who installed my sys 3 were quite good with the pipings/trunking, only issue was the drilling part, and not sure if the blame was on them or should i blame the precaster of the wall. supposed to drill a 3" x 2", but the end results was like rifle gunshot wound , the side where they drilled from, was a nicely done 3"x 2" hole, but on the other side . I heard the guy who drilled the wall cursing "diu"

also the clearance between top of aircon and ceiling, out of 3 fancoils, only 1 has the recommended 200mm clearance. seems like most of the installers go by the rule of thumb of 3".

lesson learnt, next time should really go thru the installation manual that comes with the fancoil before installation starts to ensure the brand/model specific requirements are captured.

Guess it is really heng suay.
i thought clearance of 200mm at top of aircon is known since years ago, i rem only one brand dun need 200mm becoz they tilted their fcu fan 45 degrees.

my current starmex sys 3 (2 ticks) of 3 years has less than 200mm due to wall constraint so i understand the lack of cooling ability. however no excuses for constant breakdown and reduced power.
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