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EW not cheap and also depends on brand. The CU I have can hook up to 4 fancoils although I only have 3. EW of this LG is 499.

The starmex sys 3 ( Max 3 fancoils) 2 ticks which I initially ordered, the EW is 439.
Nataire abt the same amount to top up after i enquire top up to artcool fcu (+about $500 from $2425 system 3 , 3 ticks).

i maybe getting the LG sys 3, 3 ticks compressor and upgrade to art cool FCU from nat aire.

i may drop the extended warranty if nat aire also charges more than $300.

also i may add one normal FCU topup from the system 3 artcool (nat aire allows customisation as LG compressor is same for sys 3 and sys 4) with one unit of 24k for living room as i find 2 x 12k fcu cool the living room better than 1x 24k btu
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