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Nataire abt the same amount to top up after i enquire top up to artcool fcu (+about $500 from $2425 system 3 , 3 ticks).

i maybe getting the LG sys 3, 3 ticks compressor and upgrade to art cool FCU from nat aire.

i may drop the extended warranty if nat aire also charges more than $300.

also i may get one more normal FCU topup from the system 3 artcool (nat aire allows customisation as LG compressor is same for sys 3 and sys 4) with one unit of 24k for living room as i find 2 x 12k fcu cool the living room better than 1x 24k btu
Oh yeah, u are right on the 24k for living room. Was thinking of 2x12k also but dropped the idea as it will spoil my lighting feature. Lol. Now suffering from inadequate coverage of cool air hahaha
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