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From what I know, the 5100mAh version is the newer version that supports fast in and fast out (supposedly charge powerbank fast, powerbank charge phone also fast). It came out together/after the S7 series i think. Don't remember seeing this before the S7 came out.

See this link from Samsung.

the 5200mAh thin version is the older version that came out with the Note 5 i think. When using the Note 5 already saw the thinner version around in stores. That one from info i can find only support fast out, not fast in.

Edit: The 5100mAh and 10200mAh came out together at the same time. The size is very different for both. ( Sorry for the AH link, but it's the first article i found with a picture.

Haha now its confusing lol! Got some recent youtube videos saying the thin 5200 is the new one.. and looking from the battery size density, one would almost immediately think that the 10200 thick would be the new one cos of its higher density. Either way, got battery pack can alr

Edit: When I typing reply there's no picture in your post but now after posting the the picture appears? HAHAHA 😂😂

Didn't know its different size so that might explain lotsa things.. thanks!

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