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which app claimed hd and worse then sd?

I am watching 720p HD and 1080p HD from quite a few free apps, real HD.
One of the resellers in q00 selling Aston box. He told me that that most channels are HD quality. I asked for demo but he said no setup. I bought and very disappointed with the picture quality, the HD channels are pixelated and worse than SD quality. He told me that IPTV apps are like that. Yesterday I installed deke tv apps on the Aston box. Big difference with the quality. The box is having problem like freezing and auto reset. I emailed and WhatsApp the reseller he said will get back to me but always never. The third time he asked me to screen capture or take videos of the freezing and auto rest part, I told him it's intermittent and fast, difficult to capture, then no reply from him. Lastly, once he received payment, he asked me to feedback good reviews after reaching home.

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