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Share my ip camera I bought in Taobao.. think not bad..

My budget for ip camera (usually is <-- $150), not more unless is a professional CCTV camera.

Wanscam IP camera HW0046 (960P)
Request for 3pin plug (电源规格: 英规)
In tb search for (wanscam 960P室内语音高清网络摄像机)
If want 1080p ver, talk to seller as those are not their officially release. Think some sort of extra or demo set which they make for other company.

(Personally i think the cable is short, so i will get a long one from local shop)

IP cam cost RMB 285 (roughly is SGD$63) (weight is 0.6kg),
come with 2year warranty
so if u use the cheapest forwarder the most is + RMB 28 for first kg

Video device information (U can change ur cam name inside)

Camera snap using browser mode
(Ip cam -> FTP -> NAS)
There is manually setting to (On/Off/auto) IR function.

Living room

the 2 dot light, is from 2 pc

*will change the position later as this is just for testing!

U need to access the internet to setup because u need to change the default password to your. *very important*

for mobile app, just download and scan the code. it done.

i dunno how to compare this with other cam as i only had this one.

*i think dont use their CD software as usually tht one is not updated. Go to their website and get the latest update software)

setup can be quite easy if u know abit of ip setting of your router, as you need to setup
port forwarder and fix the ip address on your router (If not when u restart ur router, ur ip may change)

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