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Not sure about you. I also owned Maige, one of the first few to use UB here and I think i was the first to use Deke here.

I don't really think Deke is producing much better better picture quality than UB, is smoother but don't mean no lag, recently it's sloggish for a few channels.
I paid USD80 for one year sub.

For the deke box, I can't find it from their official website, don't know what's the spec. I have never got their VOD working.
When I first bought it, they promised it will come with it free, but it don't work. Never seen any preview of it working before either. No one has any idea of its library, how efficient are they in updating. The user base is still tiny.

I will personally think buying the UB + Deke as backup be a better idea. VOD can easily find in many apps.

The Deke VOD, should be in a separate app, not like Maige altogether to be easy to use.
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