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I've been thinking about getting one for my new home, just a basic under-sink type that connects directly to the existing kitchen faucet, not those that require adding a "drinking water faucet". Might not use it long-term, just that with new BTO new pipings etc, it takes time for it to be decently clear of rust and other sediment ... we have members of the estate group who shared pics of their filters, 2 months+ usage filter already looks like time-to-change, months before the recommended change interval.

I am still undecided on which to get though, from reviews people who use the 3M ones report drop in water pressure ... it's supposed to be normal, but still ...
3M FF100 flow rate is up to 9.5 litre per minute. 3M FF100 is undersink connect to your tap. The water flow will be lower for those with Faucet.

Standard HDB flow is from 8 to 12 litre per minute. According to this website. Good read to know about water pressure situation in Singapore.

Hope it is useful for you.
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