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Hi guys need some suggestions! House aircon broken dwn recently, wanna install another aircon fancoil in the living room as well.

System 4: Living room - 1x24k + 3 diff rooms - 3 x 9k


System 3+1 - similarly 1x24k + 3 x 9k

Which setup will be more ideal? My living room is abt 44sqm. Each room is abt 14-18sqm.
Currently, the aircon guy recommend me system 4 coz no need to do additional socket for another compressor.

This is becoz the way i used the aircons will be something like this:
Living room: on during noon till 10pm at most. Mainly for my mum who is at home.
Room 1: Usually will on when I am bck at home after work in the evening/nite. Will set timer for sleep.
Room 2: For my parents, will set time for sleep as well.
Room 3: Will be left idle, all most will not be switching on the air-con

In conclusion, there will be only 2 aircon being switched on most of the time.
My worries for system 4 is that living room would not be as cooling if the room's aircon is on at the same time, not sure if this a valid point.
Would be great if anyone can suggest which system will be better for me. Thank you.
i suggest u go 2x system 2. can save electricity n ensure power not overstrecth. also system 2 compressor are more tick efficient.
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