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Hi. I used mst for 3k purchase at Hoe Kee (sells appliances). No problem at all. Their terminal quite old school looking.

I also tried mst at sushi tei eu yang san tcm clinic but got a "do not honor" message.
"Do not honor" has 2 meanings behind it. The most common one is that the card you used has either reached the max credit limit or the card is no longer valid (which in this case is very unlikely cos you can see the expiry date) and the other is the terminal has been giving a lot of "Do not honor" to yourself or other customers.

The credit limit works is also another 'stupid' thing. I can remember how the sales people once explained saying that the limit is limited to daily spending. But that is a total bullshiiit. Assuming you have 1k credit limit. If you bought something with your credit card on Monday for $500, the amount will be stored or held in the "Ledger Balance" and your "Available Balance" will be $500 short. So if you attempt to buy anything with the same card on Tuesday and it more than $500, the "Do not honor" might be prompted. Because the spending limit still counts your ledger balance + current spending.

I learnt about this due to my recent school fees, I was sure I increased my spending usage. But I got denied and do not honour so many times, I called the bank and they notified me that I did some credit purchase and therefore, will not be able to do a full transaction on my school fees because it will exceed my credit limit.
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