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hi all,

want to check:

1) for delaying male balding to as late as possible, anyone tried using Nizoral A-D shampoo before? i'm taking all necessary steps to keep my hair for as long as i can. according to many reviews, Nizoral shampoo has this ketoconazole ingredient that can get rid of the DHT on the scalp and DHT is the main cause for hair loss if i'm not wrong. only issue is that this kind of shampoo seems to be quite drying for the hair.

2) anyone tried those scalp treatment at neighbourhood salons before? do they work? does hair become healthier and thus result in less hair loss?
1. Yes DHT is the main culprit for men's balding. Do try it out and let us know. Since we're on this topic, do keep out for a new DHT stopper shampoo on TPJ!

2. Yes, i tried it out. For that moment, yes. You will feel refreshed and feel some differences to your scalp. But the word is feel. Unlikely to see any visible differences if its just an once off thing. For those to work, the frequency of the treatment matters.
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