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Attn: All who were interested, or part of the discussion about the local products like GetZGY and Ubersuave

Rmb we were discussing about the products actually being MIC and how selective advertising was used? Well apparently SGPomades have released a new line called Apestomen. Frequent users of the Shopee app would probably have heard of it. Selling like hotcakes now.. Concept wise same as the brands mentioned above. Advertised as: SG brand, Formulated in USA. But flipping around and looking at the product label, it clearly states MIC.

Now clearly they didn't lie about anything.. but the way in which they framed the info.. "SG brand but formulated USA" without any statement about the product being MIC. Ethical or not? Cos most of us seeing the words "formulated in USA" are going to assume that the product was made in USA. The word "formulated" is kind of ambiguous here especially for consumers new to the game. Food for thought.

A user by the moniker of slxdegrees posted in the comments section, went to slam them. Quite an interesting exchange between both him and SGPomades. All who are interested should go take a look. I took SS but lazy to post haha.. If only hwz would allow direct upload for pics.
sgpomade is a dick hahaha i say it proudly
by right can sue cause made in where must say cause it can be a misleading ad
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