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It's mentioned on the label that its MIC la, but not in the advertisement itself. So technically, customers who are buying it will have no idea that its MIC, only after they have received it, Only then will they know. Idk if its illegal, or a loophole or what. Just honestly feel that it can be very misleading especially for the consumer.

I believe that they know that if they display MIC big big on their adverts, its gonna potentially turn customers away. As for the rest of us who take our grooming products abit more seriously.. it matters alot more to us.

Ethical or not?

At the end of the day, in terms of running a business.. being upfront and honest as part of good customer service is what keeps loyal customers. I think that speaks alot

sgpomade is a dick hahaha i say it proudly
by right can sue cause made in where must say cause it can be a misleading ad
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