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a few days into observing performance of my new sys3 using a Muji hygrometer. setting a lower target temp doesn't seem to lower the measured temp, but rather further decreases relative humidity to give a perceived colder feeling.

what's kinda odd is that Dry mode is able to produce cool air faster (although the auto fan speed limits itself to low & lower) than Cool mode itself.

Cool mode - 18deg + high fan = 21.8 to 23.2 w/ 41-49% RH
Cool mode - 25deg + med fan = 25.2 to 25.8 w/ 65-70% RH
Cool mode - 26deg + med fan = 25.5 to 26.3 w/ 68-75% RH
Dry mode - -1deg delta = 25.0 to 26.3 w/ 58-65% RH

Of course nothing entirely scientific, but interesting to see that dry mode (which runs quieter) performing as good as cool mode for comfortable climate settings
nice, can you try 25deg + low fan, and if possible 18deg + low fan.
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