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a few days into observing performance of my new sys3 using a Muji hygrometer. setting a lower target temp doesn't seem to lower the measured temp, but rather further decreases relative humidity to give a perceived colder feeling.

what's kinda odd is that Dry mode is able to produce cool air faster (although the auto fan speed limits itself to low & lower) than Cool mode itself.

Cool mode - 18deg + high fan = 21.8 to 23.2 w/ 41-49% RH
Cool mode - 25deg + med fan = 25.2 to 25.8 w/ 65-70% RH
Cool mode - 26deg + med fan = 25.5 to 26.3 w/ 68-75% RH
Dry mode - -1deg delta = 25.0 to 26.3 w/ 58-65% RH

Of course nothing entirely scientific, but interesting to see that dry mode (which runs quieter) performing as good as cool mode for comfortable climate settings
Yup.... But if install system 3, the other room confirmed won't be using the aircon... Saw Panasonic about 2k for system 2 and less than 1k for system 1 if need to install in future... Still not sure wat to do

panasonic 4 ticks sys 2 is best bang for the buck but out of stocks for quite a few place. sys 1 usually 1/2 ticks.

panasonic sys 3 only 2/3 ticks. nat aire sys 3 3ticks only 2500. 500 more...

beko sys 3 4 ticks is about 2400.

Their fridge is good. But now mhi is abt 2.5k will sway towards mhi
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