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Is there any downside to using dry mode daily?
That's what I'm trying to find out. Based on some googling, it doesn't seem like it's recommended to run it daily or even for more than a few hours. Hope there is a counter argument for this

no... "dry mode in the wet and humid periods" does not sound right at all.

the "dry" mode is meant to be used only intermittently for short periods (1-2 hours) when the humidity in the room is too high. but that only happens when the aircon is used very sparsely. usually the dehumidification when in cooling mode is sufficient to achieve a comfortable level of 60% relative humidity.

using dry mode for an extended period of time puts an additional load on the compressor because the pressure in the system increases. and should the sensors (which monitor evaporator temperature and adjust fan speed) malfunction the heart of the unit (compressor) faces serious wear and tear if not damage.
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