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Hi I just saw audio house moving out sale they have Daikin system 4:

- 4MKS80FSG (32k compressor)
- FTKS25DVM x 4 (9k x 4)
- $3,480 (with $680 audio house vouchers but can only use $20 per $100 purchase)

Add $220 to change one to 18k BTU for living room will be total $3,700.

Just want to get the expert opinions whether this is a good deal? Anyone has any experience with audio house Aircon installation? Thanks!
At first i find it cheap but realised they marked up their price of other items with shipping charges. So basically the vouchers are to offset the markedup price n delivery charges. It is a cunning marketing as it forces u to buy alsmost all ur electrical with them.

I prefer nat aire simple 50-350$ grocery voucher which i can buy grocery instead of being forced to buy more items with audio house.
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