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At first i find it cheap but realised they marked up their price of other items with shipping charges. So basically the vouchers are to offset the markedup price n delivery charges. It is a cunning marketing as it forces u to buy alsmost all ur electrical with them.
That's kinda cunning. Me and my parents walked in the Allbest as noobs (having not checked this thread). Sharp sys 3 $2599 + $150 bracket, all parts and installation inclusive. Sales guy didn't push us to any brand, saying that all the Jippun brand reliability is see heng suay and to avoid Samsung cos made in PRC.

nice, can you try 25deg + low fan, and if possible 18deg + low fan.
18deg + low = 23.3 to 24.1 w/ 53-58% RH

Will add again when I on 25 on low
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