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Hi guys. Currently looking to get aircon for my new 4rm BTO flat. My ID help me get from her contact she usually used and she told us:-

Daikin inverter

She said the company is called NationCool. Any experience before?

Also, if anyone have any recommendation do let me know. Currently in the midst of finding one that is reliable and good. Not too sure if I should drop by the home decor fair to look look...
If daikin still got the free 3 yrs ext warranty, get it else get mhi. Mhi also made in thailand like daikin n cheaper

Mhi has ion for basic model while daikin need envi series for it. Anyone to verify?

Mhi giving 12k free upgrade becoz their 9k sold out in asean. Consider that many ppl are getting mhi over starmex. Also, imo starmex could be famous becoz of the ads n not becoz of its reliability. My starmex giving me problem now. Set to 22 also not cold. Think the compressor or fcu going to die soon.

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