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Hey buddy, I haven't actually tried out the American Crew defining paste so I can't really give you an informed opinion. But based on your description on how the product works, I'd say that Morris Motley would probably be the safest choice. I have tried out the Treatment Styling Balm myself and that stuff is really good, it allows enough flexibility for u to move your hair how u want it. Hold wise I'd rate it as a high medium to Strong hold product that is long lasting.

To add, I've also tried out crystal lake and found it to be more of a light-medium hold, medium shine product. It didn't wash out easily and I personally feel that it ain't suitable for our weather Haven't tried out Daimon Barber 1 and 3. Daimon Barber 4 I have tried, and I think its a decent product. But its a matte finish though. Between Morris and Daimin No 4 tho, I'd rate Morris higher.

Also, you mentioned low shine, just in case you're not referring to a matte product - In that case you might want to take a look at Morris Motley Chrome, which apparently works just the same as the TSB, only difference is that it has a touch of shine.

Anws if you want, you can get Morris Motley products from Hair Broducts

Hope this helps!
I alternate between MM Chrome and O'Doud's Water-based to style my hair. MM Chrome is sick, god-sent if I can say. The hold is just great and your hair remains lightweight and soft throughout the day, hard to find such a combi. And as what @nichsong said earlier, Chrome is the 'shine' version of Balm.

I've just finished my jar of Daimon Barber No.1. I think in terms of orthodoxed gel-type pomades, it is the most balanced one. Yes it doesn't have the strongest hold that you expect from gel-type pomades but it also does not harden up much during the day which is what I prefer over having strong hold. In terms of shine, it starts off relatively shiny and then mattes out gradually over the day. Plus the scent is amazing for this pomade, haha, I might buy another jar of this soon to rotate with my MM Chrome and OD WB.

I also used AC Defining Paste before, didn't work well for me at all, maybe I used it wrong or something. Still got half a tub of AC Defining Paste here at home...
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