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Hi guys

I asked this a few pages back but didn't get a reply, so trying again =)

What's similar to the American Crew Defining Paste in terms of hold (medium) and shine (low), but better at washing off? I was looking at Shear Revival Crystal Lake, Daimon Barber no. 1 or (no.3 or 4) and Morris Motley.
Medium hold and low shine, i would say go for morris motley treatment balm.
more than enough hold for you and its easy to use.
low shine as well.

another alternative will be carter supply flux
strong hold with a matte finish

by vilain dynamite clay would work well for you as well

Feel like trying bb90. Hand itchy lol how is it compared to a wax?
its more of a more milky, creamy paste.

it tends to harden after awhile but got a good amount of hold to last the day.

too bad i am all sold out and blind barber isn't getting back to our local distro for restocks
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