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Posts: 1,519 heading to tas in 2 weeks time but read alot road closures and limited access roads only for 4wd due to snow..

now thinking if i should change my drive to a 4wd 1
Even with a 4wd, check with the rental company that you are indeed allowed to take the vehicle where you want to go to.

anyone rented from Hertz before?
What the pre authorisation amount they will charge on credit card should with the $4000 excess?

Called the so called international helpline (which base in SG)was told $100 + $4000
Call direct to Australia directly and check was told only $100, $4000 only if anything happened.
It should be $100 only. For this type of queries, it's usually best to call the outlet where you will be renting from as they are the ones who would be processing the actual rental, and the system they have on site is very different to one we see on their website - I believe they still have a DOS-based program (most likely run via an emulator in Windows).
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