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I'm glad you asked bro. Seasalt Spray helps you get that "all day hold" because of its properties. Besides giving you some hold and foundation for your finishing product, it also absorbs all that excessive oil and grease that is on your scalp which otherwise weighs the hair down.

Take note that most of our "Asian" hair types are already limp, straight and want to just lay flat on our scalp. Any additional weight isn't going to help with hairstyles that require volume.

So this is why SSS works so damn well for our hair type. Trust me, try it once and you won't regret it. Really is a game changer. SSS to me is like Batman. The finishing product is Robin. LOL. I think i can be an ambassador for SSS.

You can get SSS from either or Both businesses are run and owned by fellow members of our thread!

Oh yes to add, I usually spritz 3-4 pumps of SSS onto towel dried hair and then spread it evenly by running my fingers through my hair. After which I blow dry with the hot setting till its mostly dry, then blast it again with cool air to lock it in. After that, I just apply finishing product and shape my hairstyle into how I want it. Hairspray is optional - I don't use it personally though.

How do u guys prestyle ur hair? I prestyle using a finger of dc on damp hair than blowdry for about 2 mins using hot than cold hair. Is sea salt spray "needed" to help hold whole day or dc good enough for prestyling?

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