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Very long never play and follow DayZ liao. What are the major changes?
Ghillie suit/gun wrap are crafted from Burlap Strips (Burlap sags cut into strips) + netting (found on boats).

Improvised Suppressors can be crafted using water bottle + duct-tape.

Will get sick from various causes, drenched (without wearing raincoat), over eating, scratch from zombies, unclean water, dirty masks, etc.

I once got sick and my character requires alot alot of water, like fever. I died finding antibiotics.

M4 is harder to find, Mosin is easy though but easily damaged.

Steyr Aug is commonly found in West Barracks, but can only attach suppressor.

AK74 uses 5.45 rounds, AK47/AKM uses 7.62.39, AK101 uses NATO 5.56.

Coupled NATO mag can be found also.

Uniforms, got the newly introduced Gorka uniform which can shield you from rain. USMC uniform, iLPV(Normal and High Capacity).

Landmines and grenades are common.

The one and only thing I hate about this game is THEY FREAKING ONLY LIMIT MOSIN TO ONE SCOPE! Which is the lousy PU SCOPE 3.5x mag only, it used to be attachable with Hunting Scope.
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