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U didnt take extended warranty? GC giving unlimited extended warranty but got to pay for peace of mind for 5yrs. Worth it?
My father got it from a installer reccomended by a relative. Now regret but that time have high trust in starmex so now decide to go lg(free 5 yrs) or mhi(with extended)

Anyway for any brand, i already expect to scrap n get new air con system. Why i not get daikin is becoz the price not that cheap n their compressor seems underpowered. Etc.. Their system 3 using a system 2 compressor. Too bad i not getting system 2. Even if i wanna get 2x system 2. I wil get daikin for room n lg for hall as i may need need 2x 12k fcu which their system 2_ 5kw compressor cant support.

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