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My Mitsubishi system 3 air cond last month problem,2 bed room no cool enoung,after top up gas $50 still no cool,last week totally no cool air,decide to retire after serving 10years+ with no major issue,model non inverter MUX-20TV.

After some consideration,decide buy Midea Opal inverter system 4 from GC last weekend :
indoor 9k x 3 + 18K x 1,with outdoor SMKY28004 after discount =3455
upgrade isulation to 1/2" and copper to 22 =156
bracket = 150
premium extended warranty 5 year = 439
total $4200 net

Now waiting air cond to be install on 15/8,
hopefully this new air cond with 4 tick will safe my power bill by 30%
I'm have the same unit, having the same problem of aircon not cool. Did a test some months back, seems like there's a leak somewhere. Top up gas will stay cool for a few months, then back to same problem.

Weighing my options now, last resort is replace the whole system, but I'm reluctant coz current piping runs through hidden panels everywhere! Plus the leak means I can't reuse old piping.
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