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Last night i went through the massive information in this thread but i still need all the experts advice on purchasing system 4 aircon for my new 4rm bto.

I have narrow down to basically 3 models, Daikin/Mitsubishi Starmex/Panasonic and could also be keen in Toshiba since their compressor is made in Japan.

Initially i wanted to get the latest models but after reading the info here i realise that there are some factors worth considering, Noisy Compressor, Time taken to cool the room is longer, the product is still new etc and it is much more expensive by $500-$700. The good thing that it has more ticks and more cost savings.

Thus i am considering the older models and will most likely be getting from GC. this is the initial pricing i got from them have not ask what else it includes etc just want to narrow down and decide to get new or older models, need experts advice?


System 4- 4MKS30FSG-4xFTKS25DVM $3689 (older Model)

System 4- 4MKS80FSG 2xFTKJ25NVM & 2xFTKJ42NVMS $4759(newer model)


System 4- CU4S27NKZ- 3x CSS9PKZW, 1x CSS18PKZW $3709(older model)

System 4 - CU4XS32RBZ~4x CSXS9RKZW $4809 (newer model)


System 4 - MXY4A28VA~4x MSYGE10VA $3879 (older model)

System 4 - MXY4A28VA~3x MSYGE10VA ~ 1x MSYGE24VA $4009 (older model)

System 4 - MXY4G28VA~4x MSXYFJ10VE $4449 (New model)

System 4 - MXY4G28VA~3x MSXYFJ10VE~1x MSXYFJ24VE $4599 (new model)

Really need any form of advice on purchasing aircon system 4. thanks alot
If u getting Dalkin, my advice is to check out the take note that different Proshop has different pricing though
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