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What materials and piping did they install for u?

My 16years old Fuji Electric aircon finally pack up and go last months and was looking and poking all over for good deal.

Thanks to Bro TigerzBeer for his recommendation , I realised that this shop is just a few block away from my house and so I approach them for a site survey and recommendation.

Cut the story short , I install MHI system 3 .
1 x SCM60ZJ-S1
3 x SRK35ZMA-S (12K btu )
Use back existing stainless steel bracket .
Armaflex D-022(7/8") and copper pipe
Replace all trunking except the drainage as it is being boxed up in cement.

Start work at 1130am and end at 1730hrs.
Very experienced installers , only 2 of them but they work fast and like clockwork liddat.

The damage sgd2988.00 cash, no installment scheme but you can also pay by credit card .
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