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Hi, complete noob at aircons and seeking advice from experts here if possible:
- Staying in resale flat for about a decade, it came with Daikin aircons already installed: 3 same model FCU (FT2531V1) in 3 rooms + 1 bigger FCU in living room, only 1 compressor dunno what model or capacity. No idea BTU rating for the FCUs, but remember was told cannot switch on all 4 FCUs at same time. Not sure when aircons were installed but I'm already 3rd owner, so these aircons must be antiques!

- Know it runs against common advice but since we don't like sleeping with aircon so they were rarely used. Recently one of them finally conked out, no response to remote or only can on for few seconds to at most 1 hour. Even turned on by itself before. Now completely no response. Got someone from aircon servicing company to take a look, he said the sensor controller or something like that (where there's led light turned on when you press remote) needs to be replaced. His office said they will source for it & inform us but already quite long and still no news. So thinking about options to solve problem.

- Can a single FCU be replaced in this situation? Room size is about 17sqm or 185 sq ft, so 9000BTU FCU sufficient? Budget constraint so not thinking about changing the entire system at this point.
- Can only use back Daikin or also other brands?
- Can reuse old piping or need to replace piping & hack walls? Understand old & newer systems use different coolants that are incompatible?
- I see that Sys 1 comes with its own compressor, so does it replace my old compressor or how?
- Any other things to consider?
- If replacing a single wall-mounted FCU is not very cost effective or is complicated considering all the factors, any use to get a portable aircon instead?

Sorry for being long winded. Hope to get some good advice & suggestions, appreciate all your help and thanks in advance.
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