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I've been wondering...

- Season Pass with packages that let you purchase and use over the course of the validity of your card. >>> Don't have to worry that much about having enough credit each time we want to head over.

- 28-month validity with a mere top-up of RM10. >>> Longest validity at such an affordable rate.

- Any subsequent top-up extends the validity even further. >>> Only card that does this.

- Now they're even allowing extended validity. >>> At prices lower than the other existing cards.

What not to like about OneXOX? Except maybe it being an MVNO...

No, I'm not selling or affiliated to any dealers. Am doing housekeeping on my prepaid card "collection" so looking at the various pros and cons.

Have not actually had a chance to use my card, but if the experience is anywhere as good as TuneTalk (another MVNO riding on Celcom network), this is definitely going into the "Keep" list.
I am quite happy with TuneTalk internet connection, so far so good. Got free 1.5GB data from RM50 (valid for 30 days), speed wise like surfing net like in Singapore.

DIGI basic is good enough to whatsapp only.

Wonder if OneXOX is as good as TuneTalk.

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