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I am quite happy with TuneTalk internet connection, so far so good. Got free 1.5GB data from RM50 (valid for 30 days), speed wise like surfing net like in Singapore.

DIGI basic is good enough to whatsapp only.

Wonder if OneXOX is as good as TuneTalk.
Yup, TuneTalk gave me my first uninterrupted surfing all the way from Melaka town down the NSHW. Will never forget that awesome experience.

Guess I should consider subscribing to an Internet pack on my next trip across and try surfing with my OneXOX for once. Previously, I'd only used it for calls/SMS standby while using my MCard's data for surfing. But an observation at our Tuas CIQ recently was that the OneXOX card got the network faster than my Hotlink card (2 different phones).
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