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IMO (in no particular order, and in short. Refer websites for details.):

Hotlink Fast
- Free fast data for a trip up to 6 days (including weekend) at lowest price.

Celcom Magic SIM:
- Free Basic Internet so long as line is active.
- Can "renew" grace period at a mere RM1.
- Stopping auto-renewal of mobile internet package will still enable it to be used until the actual validity ends.

Tune Talk (MVNO on Celcom network):
- Optional validity extension at RM28/year.
- Free data with minimum RM30 top-up.

OneXOX (MVNO on Celcom network):
- See Post #3837 on previous page.

Digi Best:
- Free Basic Internet up to 500MB/month, so long as line is active. And more...
- Option to subscribe to validity extension at RM68/year (RM38 if you've the older plans without the 500MB FBI).
- Said to have been improving their 4G coverage lately.

*** These are to the best of my knowledge as I've not really been watching them that closely lately, mainly due to the (too many) changes.

Again, different people, different expectations, different needs, different opinions, different etc. Above just lies my Sunday morning thoughts.

you forget Tron is the best for free 365 days validity for min rm10 topup .
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