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Just a question for pomade users who pomp:

Given our climate and the chinese straight af hair, are you able to have every strand neatly set in place and throughout the day?

Understand you can restyle with the right pomade, but I also find either the oil content too much (hello acne) or that there's a crunchy gel-like hardening property, both of which I do not like.

I gave up years ago. Maybe my genetics are cursed to sport messy hairstyles for life.

Let me know, thanks.
You are right about the 2 'types' of pomade, i don't suppose you can find one that is neither. So i guess you gotta pick which you dislike less? I personally hate crunchy hair so i make do with 'oilier' water-based pomades, which in my opinion hold really well, its not the crunchy kind of hold but more of the sticky kind of hold.

I don't pomp it up coz i prefer the standard low-fade/long trim executive contour. Easier to style, easier to maintain and looks more business-like and professional imo. That's just for my line of work but obviously you can pomp it up too if it suits your line of work. Hope this helps!
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