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I think your aircon should be a non inverter R22 system. Actually for non inverter systems it is very easy to replace the indoor unit as you can use any brand non inverter fan coil to replace the spoilt one. But daikin non inveter are very popular so should be no problem finding a replacement daikin.No need to do anything with the piping, just remove the old one and put in the replacement. Important thing is to ensure that the replacement is non inveter and runs on R22 coolant. But do note non inveter aircons have been mostly phased out since 2013 so you'll need to settle for a second hand refurbished unit as you pretty much can't buy a new one anymore. You can call up those companies that deal with second hand aircons and they will be able to assit you find a suitable replacement Fcu. Also second hand means the cost will also be kept to a minimum. I also don't use aircon much and my carrier non inverter system is more than 20 years old and when the original compressor died we changed to a sanyo one and it works fine till today. No need to change to a new system unless you really want to.
Thanks for your advice, will certainly look into this option as wasn't aware before of companies selling 2nd hand aircons since in S'pore all the focus is on new aircon systems.

By the way, wonder if anyone can verify this. I made casual enquiries at Gain City and a Daikin Pro shop and was told that if want to only replace one FCU (indoor unit) in an old system it is not allowed/not possible for HDB flats but can be done for landed property owners? So if HDB dwellers are suay to kena one unit spoilt have to bite bullet to replace the entire system? Can experts here verify that is true? Or simply the talk of salesmen who only interested in selling multi split systems?

Also, if old system is like System 4 (3 bedroom + living room) and if replace must replace System 4? If feel living room unit is redundant, can I choose only to have System 3 for the bedrooms? Appreciate your advice, thanks.
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