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Whoever recommended Lockhart Hair Groom to me, thanks!

It works well, just apply a dab and massage into hair and I'm good to go. The shine only lasts for the first hour and it dies down into a healthy satin glow later on.

My only gripe is that since it's basically wax and oil, applying too much will flatten and weigh my hair down. I will experiment over the weekend by cocktailing Hair Groom with a dash of sea salt spray - hopefully it will be perfect as the salt's dryness will counterbalance the grease.

I also carry the tub in my workbag as a moisturizer for calluses on my palms. #metrosexual

Wah bro thanks for not remembering ah. Hahaha glad to hear the product works great. Read that its supposed to be a treatment product as well hence the mostursing properties. SSS should work well to counterbalance!
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