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There's always segments of gullible people in every community which needs protection. Just like we need protection by police from criminals (because we're weak and can't defend ourselves from those monsters with weapons), these gullible people are also weak and needs protection from the insurance monsters. I'd say it's high time the government steps on on new laws to punish and jail these monsters
Yes! Based on the policies I have surrendered like 2 ILPs, 2 CPF Investment and 1 Endownment easily 20-30k loss. I am not a high earner and not financially smart when I am younger but I am a good prey for these jackals. SORRY if I have insulted jackals. I have learned to treat these $30k as my degree to financial freedom and buy the $8 book from Shiny Thing. Thank God for letting me open my eyes at 36 and not 56 years old!
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