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A few questions :

1. Will you choose sea burial for your kitties and why?
2. For those vet clinics that do not have 24hrs service, how do their emergency phone number help? Like we call them up and then they teach us how to help our kitties in need or the vet will come over ar?
3. If the kitty is unconscious but still breathing, wat can we do to help them before reaching the vet clinic?

1. My mom wants to scatter my eldest cat's ashes to the sea. We have not fixed a date yet.

2. Some vet clinics got voice msg telling u where to go in case of emergency. But 24 hour clinic like mount pleasant, Companion Animal surgery all are very very expensive

3. This one I am not sure. I will rush to vet and pray that the kitty is alright. Its too stressful when something like this happens
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