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Would like to add on, this is what I got from Gain City. This includes new copper pipe and water pipe laying(about 15 metres). Site survery done. We felt this is quite expensive but we are not sure. This is our first house and we are quite inexperienced. Hence we would like to check with the bros here. Thank you in advance for any of your invaluable advice.

1st quote:
2x9000 and 1 x 12000btu.
Mitsubishi Electric System 3 Inverter=$4689.00

2nd quote:
1 x 12000btu
1 x 18000btu
1 x 24000btu
With 2 compressors.
SGD Total: $5878.00
Which branch? U kanna kotok man but u got 2 compreesoor
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