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Daaaaimmmm same exact tin hahaha. But the insides look very diff. Seems like very similar to the blumaan product.

Come to think of it... The hdf gravity paste might be the same thing as blumaan. Now that i recall it kinda smelled and felt the same. Didn't actually apply on hair tho, feel feel with fingers only.

Yaaaaas bro. I read somewhere online that Original by blumaan and HDF gravity paste have almost identical ingredient lists. Although I haven't compared the lists myself, I wouldn't write that off as they look, feel, smell and perform almost exactly the same. I got a feeling that the lab which cooks both brand's products are one and the same. Won't ignore the fact that both products were released within months of each other.

My theory: Final formulation of the product was already set and ready to be distributed by the lab during that period. The different release dates might have been due to minor differences between the brands' demands for the product / or an attempt to not release one product at too close a date to the other - which might potentially affect sales.

Besides the ingredients list, I think the products have one other thing in common: They both disappoint. For myself, and for quite alot of people based on what I see online.
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