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Besides the above, can you be more specific? Like pictures of your current hair and ideal hair and how much you are willing to deal with pliability and restyling ease?

Reason being the market is huge for "strong hold waxes" - pretty much everything is very similar to one another.

And to be very honest, end of the day knowing your hair type, how it behaves at different lengths and how to use a blowdryer is more important and useful than buying the correct hair product.
Know hair no product


Defo agree with this. Haha after having spent at least several hundred dollars on different hair products, I feel the most important aspect of good hair styling ultimately boils down to understanding your hair and how it behaves. Learning how to blow dry and pre style were the most useful tools I've learnt thus far. Yes the finishing product does matter in giving your hairstyle that extra oomph to last / behave the way we want it to. But its not a standalone, miracle product. Having good hair requires work and maintenance!
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