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Nat Aire has promotion for LG till 30 Sept.

I am thinking of replacing my koyak Sharp system 2 with LG High Cap system 4.

Anyone has bad experience with LG aircon?

This afternoon went to Nat Aire and ordered LG System 4 at S$4,171.90 with 5 years warranty on Compressor and Spare Parts.

Before ordering, the Sales Staff will ascertain with you to ensure that there would be no obstruction such as built-in wardrobe etc and that the distance from ACU to the furthest FCU is not more than 15 m away.

I also ensure that they supply the bracket which is big and strong enough to accommodate the ACU as mine is High Capacity (which means bigger ACU). My past experience is if the ACU is not sited horizontally and parallel to the ground level, or tilted slightly or not fastened properly to the bracket, in no time, the ACU will kaput due to unbalance of bearing (which caused great wear and tear to the compressor) and unnecessary vibration.

The specifications of my order are as follows:

a) ACU - A4UQ30GFA0 (Made in Korea)

b) FCU - AMNC09GDBA2 - 9k BTU x 3 no & AMNC12GDBA2 - 12k BTU x 1 no (All Made in Korea)

c) Upgrade - Kemflex - 12.7 mm (half inch) insulation & SWG21 cu pipings

d) With S$350 Choice Vouchers

e) 12 months interest free installation plan @ S$347.66 per month using UOB Credit card.

I will update on the installation and the workmanship in due course.

So stay tune!
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