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I have the same question too.

go online to check.


Daikin > RKS35GVMG / FTKS35DVM

Energy Label :
Refrigerant :
Equipment :
Installation : $450.00
Bracket : $150.00
Power Point : $300.00
GST (7%) : $116.55
Total $1,781.55

Gain City
RKS35GVMG~FTKS35DVM | T0010962

I called up they said inclusive of standard installation. Site survey is free.

anyone knows whats the breakdown? Under what circumstances do i need a bracket or powerpoint? I am replacing an old air-con which is not working now. Intend to hv a new piping instead of using the old one.
Coolserve website very long time no update liao...

you can use or to do some comparison... maybe not apple to apple for cold world buy it around the same. BTW, i asked around, it seems like when you upgrade to bigger fcu, it is ard 100-400 buck depending on the size.
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